About Our School

Our Mission is

Educating the Whole child

The mission of Buford Middle School is "Educating the Whole Child." Our belief statements revolve around student engagement, stakeholder involvement, opportunities for success, and an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Our school follows this mission in our programs. Working off of the philosophy of the Making Middle Grades Work program, Buford Middle works to follow rigorous standards, provide many literacy and technology opportunities, identify areas for remediation and acceleration, offer a variety of exploratory experiences, and coordinate continuous professional development for our teachers.

Buford Middle is in a Partnership Network with a local university; it serves as one support for our continuous professional development. The beliefs of Making Middle Grades Work and the Winthrop Partnership Network also match the beliefs of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. This profile provides an outline for ensuring our students have world class knowledge, world class skills, and life and career characteristics. Our school programs provide for a well rounded experience for our students as we have a variety of course offerings that meet content expectations (English, math, science, and social studies) as well as exploratory offerings based on student interest (art, computer technology, guitar, chorus, piano, band, physical education, and careers). We believe that all children should have a school experience that will prepare them for college or the workforce and to be happy, productive citizens.